Podcast with Sajindranath A.K. on Fairtrade tea


Tea is one of the most popular drinks in the world and many of us can´t face the day without a cup. But how much do we know about the tea industry? In our latest podcast, Sajindranath A.K., FLOCERT´s Certification Manager for Asia-Pacific, discusses the realities of this multi-billion dollar industry, how FLOCERT is checking if the Fairtrade certified organisations offer a decent working environment for their workers and the impact of the COVID-19 crisis. Listen in!

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Sajindranath A.K. is FLOCERT´s Certification Manager for Asia-Pacific and has been associated with Fairtrade and FLOCERT since 2004. He started as an auditor, then joined FLOCERT as a certification analyst when our office in India was established. Over the years he has worked as an auditor, senior certification analyst, certifier, Assurance Scheme Manager and auditor trainer. Saji has been auditing across many countries in the Asia Pacific region for all Fairtrade standards and products and has been auditing tea since 2004.

He is a qualified  agronomist with a PhD in horticultural science and has been involved with the Indian Organic program as a consultant  in standard setting and accreditation for organic certification bodies in India. He loves research and has a few scientific papers published.



Andreea Corendea is the hostess of the FLOCERT podcast and our Sr. Marketing & Communications Officer.