If you feel that the world of Fair Trade has its very own language – don’t fret! We’ll keep you in the know!


With this glossary we’ll guide you through the common technical terms used by FLOCERT, Fairtrade International and the World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO).


Learn about the wor(l)ds of Fair Trade below!

Category 1 trader

New FLOCERT customers (who have not had their initial Fairtrade audit yet) as well as customers who:

1. pay the minimum price and/or Fairtrade premium or act as conveyers of the Fairtrade price and/or premium (or)
2. have more than 2 additional entities (or)
3. manufacture composite products or trade with perishable products (fruits, flowers, etc.) (or)
4. product or setup wise bring high complexity (or)
5. benefit from exceptions (including systemic retroactive product certification) (or)
6. were suspended or had, as a result of the last audit, a follow-up audit (or)
7. had more than two major non-conformities at the last audit (or)
8. are certified according to the Trader Corporate Certification (TCC) model

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