FLOCERT is Germany’s Best Workplace 2020


FLOCERT is one of the winners of this year’s “Germany’s Best Workplaces” competition. This was announced today by Germany’s Great Place to Work® Institute. The independent Fairtrade certifier with 90 employees in its Bonn headquarters participated in this   competition for the first time. The award is given to companies with particularly attractive and beneficial working conditions and a good and attractive corporate culture. The basis for the assessment was an extensive and anonymous survey of the Bonn employees regarding central workplace aspects. In addition, a Culture Audit included an external analysis of the company’s human resource and cultural activities and compared the results with companies in the same sector and of the same size. The results of the employee survey and culture audit were weighted in a ratio of 2:1. Although only feedback of the Bonn staff was taken into account, the award also is testament to the significance of FLOCERT’s corporate culture in its regional offices in Costa Rica, India, South Africa, Great Britain and the United States:

“Fairness is not only our core business but also our philosophy. Our corporate values enable us to have an intrinsically motivated workforce and an honest, open working environment, no matter where we are located,” explains Katharina Wagner, Managing Director of FLOCERT. “I am particularly pleased about the high degree of identification and the strong team spirit in the company – the most important key to FLOCERT’s successful future”. 100% of those surveyed were proud of the common achievements at FLOCERT. 95% would recommend FLOCERT as an employer and feel that they can contribute on a level playing field regardless of their position.

Companies of all sizes and industries participated in the nationwide Great Place to Work® umbrella competition “Germany’s Best Workplace 2020”. They submitted to a voluntary review of the quality and attractiveness of their workplace culture, carried out by the independent Great Place to Work® Institute and the judgment of their own employees.

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FLOCERT is a leading global certification body. Besides providing sole certification to Fairtrade, FLOCERT also offers an array of services to support companies in sourcing on Fairtrade principles, where no Fairtrade Standard applies.

Founded in 2003, FLOCERT remains mission-driven and dedicated to working with all types of organisations, from small producers to internationally recognised brands, in order to promote fairness in global trade. Our accreditation as a “Social Enterprise” demonstrates our commitment to social business values.

With six international offices conducting business in over 120 countries, FLOCERT specialises in offering global reach with local expertise. For more information, visit us at www.flocert.net

FLOCERT is Germany's best workplace 2020