3 Questions to Grace Karanja, FLOCERT auditor


Who is your hero?

GK: Definitely my father! I come from a big family of 7 and I am the ‘baby’! And my father, a farmer, provided for us and saw us through school. He taught me self-discipline and to work hard and was quick to remind me – no gains without pains!

As you say in the video, the life of an auditor can be quite adventurous at times. If you ever met Indiana Jones, which survival tip would you give him?

GK: Trust but verify, stay positive.

The video shows you discussing with many different people and also large groups. Which skills would you say you need most in these situations?

GK: What I found to be the most helpful are effective communication skills in general. You have to be able to really listen to what the people say, and to show cooperation. It is also important that you lead the conversation instead of being led, and that you do not digress from the topics you have to cover and check during the audit.

See Grace in action conducting a producer audit at a Fairtrade coffee cooperative:


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Grace Karanja, FLOCERT Auditor

Grace has been doing Fairtrade audits for over 12 years. She loves to have a good laugh and she has a guilty pleasure for spare ribs.